Publications in Psychology and Compassion Focused Therapies

Publications in Psychology and Compassion Focused Therapies


Amongst her publications, Sophie has written papers on Compassion Focused Therapies and Compassionate Mind Training.

Mayhew, S. (March 2015) Compassion Focused Therapy for People Experiencing Psychosis. In Meaden, A. & Fox, A. (Eds) Innovations in Psychosocial Interventions for Psychosis: Working with the Hard to Reach, Brunner-Routledge.


psychosocial interventions for psychosis

Mayhew, S. and Gilbert, P. (2008) Compassionate Mind Training with People Who Hear Malevolent Voices: A Case Series Report. Practitioner Report. Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy, 15, 113 - 138.  

Mayhew, S.L. (2008) contribution to the Discussion Paper: Socially Inclusive Practice, Professional Practice Board Social Inclusion Group, The British Psychological Society.

Mayhew, S. and Gilbert, P. (2006) Compassionate Mind Training with People Who Hear Malevolent Voices: A Case Series Report. Schizophrenia Research, 86 (suppl), s60.  

Mayhew, S. (1999) Early Intervention and Prevention of Psychotic Relapse. Partnerships in Mental Health, NHS Executive.

Mayhew, S. (1999) Early Intervention: Collaboration with Service Users in Understanding and Controlling the Re-appearance of Psychotic Experiences, Label Free Northern Birmingham Mental Health Trust.

Other Recommended Publications

The Compassionate Mind, Paul Gilbert (2010) 

Compassion Focused Therapy for Dummies, Mary Welford (2016)

The Compassionate Mind Workbook. Chris Irons and Elaine Beaumont (2017)

the compassionate mind by Paul Gilbert


  • Compassion Focused Therapy (VIDEO) 
    Short animated video on Compassion Focused Therapy
  • Compassionate Wellbeing 
    Compassionate Wellbeing host events, and support research and activities that promote and explore compassionate approaches to health, wellbeing and society.
  • Kristin Neff at TEDx Centennial Park Women (VIDEO) 
    Kristen Neff's TEDx Talk on THE difference between self compassion & self esteem.
  • Mindful Self-Compassion 
    Mindful self-compassion is the foundation of emotional healing—being aware in the present moment when we're struggling with feelings of inadequacy, despair, confusion, and other forms of stress (mindfulness) and responding with kindness and understanding (self-compassion).
  • Self-Compassion 
    Leading expert on self-compassion, Kristin Neff, Ph.D., was the first one to operationally define and measure the construct over a decade ago.
  • The Compassionate Mind Foundation 
    The Compassionate Mind Foundation was set up in 2006 and aims to promote wellbeing through the scientific understanding and application of compassion.

Dr. Sophie Mayhew, Bsc (Hons), DClinPsy, CPsychol, AFBPsS

Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. Registration number 125670

HCPC Registered Practitoner Psychologist. Registration number PYL17869